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Jersey Gouda Old

Jersey Gouda Old

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Indulge in Rich, Fully Matured, and Creamy Flavor

Experience the decadence of Landana Jersey OLD, boasting a rich, fully matured, and tangy flavor profile. This cheese undergoes a meticulous aging process for a minimum of one year on wooden shelves, adhering to the esteemed tradition of Dutch cheese making.

Landana Jersey OLD is meticulously crafted from pure Dutch Jersey milk, following a time-honored cheese maker’s recipe, and aged traditionally for at least one year on wooden shelves. This results in a cheese with a rich, fully matured, and tangy flavor, accentuated by the presence of delicate crystals, indicative of its prolonged aging.

What sets Jersey OLD apart is its commitment to natural purity. Free from artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives, it offers a wholesome experience. Moreover, it caters to vegetarians and boasts a naturally low lactose content due to its extended maturation (lactose <0.1 g/100 g).

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